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Yacht Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions



How Much Does It Cost?

Average Skipper Daily Rate (Per 24hrs)

Motor Cruiser
From £225.00 / Day
Sailing Yacht
From £225.00 / Day
From £225.00 / Day
Travel Days
Half Daily Rate
Travel / Expenses
At Cost
Fuel / Harbour Dues
At Cost

Deliveries lasting more than 7 days may be eligible for discount on the daily rate.


The above rates are for an Experienced Delivery Skipper with RYA/MCA Commercial Endorsement.  Some larger or more complex vessels may require two skippers, but most do not.

The applicable Skipper Daily Rate (SDR) also includes:


First Mate (Commercial)
Travel Paid
All Additional Crew
Crew Pay Own travel


This means that for a typical delivery you pay the SDR + his/her travel and expenses, but you do NOT pay for a First Mate or any other crew.   The travel expenses of the First Mate ARE paid, but any other crew pay their own travel expenses.  We will source experienced and qualified crew at no cost to you, and also manage their travel and logistics.   


A First Mate will always be RYA/MCA Qualified with Commercial Endorsement, with relevant experience, and additional crew will normally be qualified - usually to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore standard.


Additional costs to consider are fuel and any harbour dues, and ensuring that the vessel is maintained to a state which will make the proposed passage safe and efficient - this includes making sure that the relevant charts and publications are on-board, and that any lifejackets / liferafts are present and serviced.


We will discuss your requirements with you in person at our offices, or by telephone and e-mail.    The full delivery fee is paid in advance, based on the agreed number of days.    If the delivery takes less time you will be refunded for every day (24hrs) not used.   If it takes longer you will need to pay the additional SDR 7 days after completion.   Normally this is agreed at the time, and you can decide if you want to proceed or continue.


Any days spent in port due to mechanical breakdown or weather are charged at 75% of the SDR, although it is quite rare that this is ever needed / charged.






What Type and Size of Vessels Do You Work On?


Our Skippers and Instructors with whom you contract, are Commerically Endorsed, Certified and Experienced for a range of craft up to 24 metres load-line length.  This includes monohull yachts, powerboats and motor cruisers, and those of catamaran and trimaran design also.


Our Professional Yacht Delivery Skippers are experienced in yachts and boats from just 20 feet to almost 80 feet - the majority of our yacht deliveries are undertaken on vessels between 30 - 60 feet.








Where Do Yo Operate Yacht Deliveries and Related Services?

We operate domestically in and around the U.K. coastal waters, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Mediterranean and other worldwide locations.    Common yacht delivery and collection locations include Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Azores, North and South America, Trans-Atlantic passages and many more.


Yacht asset tracing and investigation services are primarly shorebased, from our offices in Largs, Scotland, with perhaps some travel if this is deemed necessary.  For asset tracing and investigations with an operational dimension, particularly if it may involve travel outside the E.U., you should contact us to discuss your requirements.








When Do You Operate?

We provide services 365 Days Per Year, including holidays. We offer a telephone contact service from 0900hrs – 2100hrs (GMT) 7 Days Per Week, and a website live-chat and e-mail service 24 hours. We also provide a 24hrs / 365 Days Emergency / Rapid Response Service*.

Advance enquiries and booking, where possible, is recommended as we are subject to availability and location of staff and other resources when used for other business operations.








What Is Involved In A Yacht Delivery

Lots of detailed planning and paperwork!


However we will manage the entire process for you and keep you up to date at every stage of planning,

and during the delivery also using satellite communications and tracking equipment.


Please contact us by telephone to talk with us directly about your requirements.





Live Satellite Tracking

We will provide you with a link to a webpage where you can track and monitor the progress of your yacht delivery 24hrs, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.



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Skippers will normally be charged a small fee by the platform, after the service has been carried out, which is normally based on the value of the services carried out, and subject to an agreement between the skipper and the platform. Skippers solely take the risks and the rewards for providing their professional services to vessel owners, and are 100% responsible for their own employment status and affairs, including accounting for and paying any taxes due by any territory or authority to which they are subject. The platform will enable skippers to receive a payment from vessel owners, whereby funds paid by the owner to the Skipper are charged and held by the platform as a mutually nominated, agreed and authorised third party - this is so as to provide owners with a degree of assurance that they do not have to pay a bank account directly what might be a larger sum of money, and then hand the keys of their vessel over to someone they have, potentially, never met. The platform agrees that whilst they are holding such funds, that they are responsible for their safe-keeping and for conveying or completing any payouts as directed and agreed by the parties, pursuant to the terms agreed between the parties. However owners and skippers may choose not to use this payment method and are free to agree a different means of payment between themselves. What Does The Platform Not Do? The platform does not take responsibility for the services provided by delivery skippers; the credit for their success or liability for any failures, damages or losses. The platform does not 'employ', contract, sub-contract or otherwise engage skippers to carry out vessel deliveries - Skippers and owners have a direct financial and legal contract for the provision of services. 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The platform does not conduct any passage planning, checking of routes, vessels, weather etc. - the platform does not engage in vessel deliveries in their role as an online marketplace platform connecting willing buyers with willing sellers. The platform does not indemnify any party in relation to vessel delivery or other such services carried out, nor does it provide any warranty, guarantee, insurance or statement-of-fitness in relation to any party or services agreed between the skipper and vessel owner. The platform does not arbitrate, conduct investigations, make findings or carry out surveys. The platform does not become involved in disputes between the parties, save in a very limited set of circumstances. What if the vessel is damaged, destroyed, I have a complaint or wish to raise a claim against the skipper? Such matters or claims must be addressed directly to, and dealt with by, the delivery skipper with whom you have contracted and whom you have a direct legal and financial contract. Their contact details are in the contract you have signed with them. You must not send any such complaint or claim to the platform as we are unable to deal with it. If the skipper does not arrive to start the services as agreed, or, for example, were to engage in a potentially criminal act such as making off with an owners' vessel, then the vessel owners may request the platform initiate a full refund on behalf of the skipper. However, it is not grounds to request a refund, holding or arrestment of funds you have paid to your chosen delivery skippers merely because a vessel owner or their legal / insurance representative makes a complaint, or a claim of damages, losses or of vessel owners incurring costs or liabilities as a result of any services being carried out. Such matters are entirely separate to the services being carried out and, whilst vessel owners may well have a valid claim against the skipper, that is between the owner and skipper directly after-the-fact: if the delivery has been carried out according to the terms, the skipper will receive your payment by default after completion. If vessel owners wish to request a full or partial refund from their Skipper for any reason, they must address such a request or claim directly to their skipper, and come to a suitable agreement between themselves. If the Skipper wishes to provide a full or partial refund as a result of any such complaint or claim they can do so directly using any number of commercially available payment transfer services - or they may choose to process such a refund via the platform if they choose to transmit these funds to the vessel owner via the platform. The platform does not pay out for any claims made against the skipper as the platform is not legally or financially responsible for the services agreed between the parties.