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UPDATED 18th APRIL 2020: READ & CLICK ALL BELOW (3-4 Min Read)



NEW: TourShield Protection - Global Refund & Cancellation Program, New Booking Incentives, Protecting Health & Safety & Financial Protection System

Hi Guys! Pavlina here! - Some important updates affecting anyone coming sailing or powerboating with us this year:

This post is about: Our new TourShield Protection Refund System, Protecting Health & Safety, some extra booking incentives inc online courses at ‘cost-price’, extra booking & refund protections for illness or injuries etc:

So, to start off - we’ve just partnered with TourShield Protection’s Global Refund Program for Season 2020/21 for all our RYA Sailing & PowerBoat Courses and other events like our St Kilda & Puffins & Corryvreckan AdventureSail Cruises: here's the detail:


It’s a cancellation and refund protection policy for customers booking tours and events like RYA Sailing & PowerBoat Courses and AdventureSail Cruises. It offers coverage for range of eventualities preventing you from attending such as illness and injury of you or a family-member, extreme weather, car breakdowns, family emergencies, jury duty, etc. It is designed to allow you to get a full refund in the event of any of the covered terms and eventualities.


It costs about 6.5% of the value of your booking, BUT - we’ve lowered some prices to help cover the cost of this, should you choose to add it on at the time of booking - ***NOTE*** We do not make any money from this whatsoever.***


When you make a new booking online you’ll be shown on screen the policy price and terms, you can add it with one tap or click - TourShield will take payment directly at the same time as you make a deposit payment for your reservation, so you only need to make one transaction, and you don’t need to create any new registration or login accounts. They will immediately send you your policy cover details and payment receipt, along with details of how to make a claim if necessary. You can start a new claim at In addition, any customer outside the US also have 14 days to change their mind and cancel their TourShield protection for a full refund of the policy amount.

tourshield cancellation and refund protection


For full details of what’s covered and what isn’t are available right now at . When you add this on at the time of booking you’ll be sent an e-mail directly from TourShield giving your policy details, receipt and how to make a claim if necessary. You can also start a new claim at . This scheme is called TourShield Protection - Global Refund Program, and is operated by FanShield / Protecht LLC - full details including terms & privacy policy are available online at

Ok, so that's the latest good news on the new TourShield Protection - Global Refund Program and Cancellation Protection.

NEW: Protecting Health, and Safety

Now onto the recent health news everyone is talking about - so far as at today we haven’t had single customer call, e-mail or message to mention this nor to cancel or change any reservations, and this morning the office tells me they’ve seen 3-4 calls from people wanting to book 5 day sailing courses with us as a result of cancelling a foreign holiday, which is quite an interesting development(!).

Everyone I seem to speak with says they are following the health advice and just getting on with their lives, which seems to mirror the guidance from the NHS and Health Minister.

However I wanted to address this directly - we are operating every sailing yacht and powerboat every week and weekend and have been since mid-Feb, and we have now made several changes as of today, to help ease people’s minds:

1). Every boat now has unlimited free sanitiser products
2). Now NO penalty for moving dates as a result of a confirmed illness* - so you don’t lose out if you want to delay your course or event, and it protects others!
3). Standard Cancellation & Refund policy now relaxed from 28 days up to 21 days prior*
4). We’ve partnered with TourShield Protection Refund Program for all new bookings in Season 2020/21
5). We’ve lowered some prices to help compensate for if you want to add TourShield Protection to your booking

6). As of today we’re offering additional incentives when you make a new practical sail/power booking: VHF Radio Licence Course at £39 (WAS £89), and our Online Shorebased Theory Course at £99 (was £195). You'll also get a £20 Voucher Code for any future booking, and a £10 RYA Membership Voucher.

7). All booking deposits are just £49 and all payments are (as always) fully Financially-Protected in a separate refundable client money account

8). All RYA Sailing Course & AdventureSails are on refreshed, modern and clean Coded Cruising Yachts from 41 to 47 Feet, inc our Hanse 411, Bavaria 44 & Bavaria 47

9). All RYA PowerBoat Courses are on modern, fully-heated cruising powerboats with all the latest technology, mod-cons and globally-experienced commercial motorboat skippers & Instructors from Naval, Law Enforcement & Commercial Maritime backgrounds - all friendly, knowledgable and wanting to help bring your confidence & skill levels up for private or commerical purposes.

As I write this, not a single one of you has called or e-mailed to cancel or change dates, and those of you that I meet each week it seems that whilst we're all taking things seriously, that we're also keeping things in perspective, including that a very (very) small proportion of our population has been affected, that "the vast majority would only experience very mild symptoms and a quick recovery with no lasting effects" (Prime Minister 3rd March), and that cancelling events or closing venues and schools would “have no epidemiological benefit” (Health Minister, 5th March), and that 'regular hand-washing is the most sensible and effective thing we can all do, until this passes' !

From today, extra illness & cancellation protections apply, new TourShield Refund Protection is available, and we've set out some amazing extra Season 2020 Booking Incentives, such as VHF Radio & Navigation Online courses at 'cost-price' PLUS some price reductions and extra vouchers for every customer!

byPavlina P, Chief Instructor

tourshield cancellation and refund protection

*The General Terms & Conditions of ScotSail Training Ltd, and written description of policies, are hereby modified thusly: 1). References to cancellation periods of "28 days" are hereby altered to say “21 days” until further notice
2). Customers who notify us that they have been diagnosed as having a ‘confirmed illness’ shall be entitled to move their event date to any other available date, without penalty, so long as: i) the start date/time is not less than 24 hours in the future, and; ii) the full amount due / balance is fully paid.
3). A 'confirmed illness’ refers to a serious medical emergency or infection that requires medical intervention, hospitalisation, self-isolation or is a ’notifiable disease’ as defined by HM Governments of the United Kingdom.
4). If you want to cancel or change dates within the updated 21 days or 24hr periods specified and have chosen the TourShield Protection, the process is to start a new claim with the TourShield Protection Refund Program through your TourShield by FanShield Confirmation E-Mail.

TourShield Protection by FanShield LLC / Protecht - Important Information: If you choose to add on the optional TourShield cancellation / refund protection operated by FanShield, you are entering directly into a separate legal and financial arrangement with the operator of this scheme. Payment for coverage is collected directly from you, their customer, by FanShield through means of a combined transaction process designed and implemented not by us but by the global card payments provider ‘Stripe'. You are NOT purchasing this product from us, that is ScotSail Training Ltd, Marketplace Platform, nor any other independent provider of the actual core service that you are booking through this marketplace platform, and the only entity responsible for providing this service to you is FanShield. Your details will be sent directly to FanShield, and will be handled securely according to their own data privacy policy ( ).

If you cancel your TourShield Protection and are due a full or partial refund of the fee, FanShield may refund you directly, or send you a refund via the platforms payment processor. We cannot offer any advice on financial products, insurance, or third-party protection products, nor can we answer any questions on claims, what will or won’t be covered in any particular circumstances, nor can we answer any customer service or claims queries on behalf of a third-party service provider - you need to contact the company with which you have purchased protection to make any such enquiries. The terms and conditions and product details of TourShield Protection by FanShield LLC / Protecht are available linked above, on their website, and prior to you making any purchase of such protection - you need to ensure that you read and understand this information to make your own assessment of whether such a product meets your needs. Bookings that have TourShield Protection added may have additional administrative restrictions such as making changes to existing bookings, for example your booking date cannot be changed automatically as TourShield 'locks' your booking date to your policy - that means that if you can't attend you need to claim a refund from them and then we will rebook you onto the new date. This is a fairly new system to us that we are introducing and we understand that we need to go through them to make booking system changes and so they may take a little longer if it requires a consequential change to a connected TourShield Protection policy such as dates of event or value, which may result in either a partial policy refund back to you, and increase in premium, or for you having to claim a refund in order to change dates.
We will handle most such matters as we are able on your behalf however we wanted you to be aware that such changes would have an ‘extra step’ for us and/or you to complete should you wish to routinely change date or add/remove attendees within the terms and conditions. Overall this TourShield Product seems to be a win for our boating customers and we hope it provides some reassurance of additional protections! Thanks for you understanding!


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