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RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper ICC Charter Licence Courses in Scotland + Yachtmaster + Commercial Endorsement, Offshore

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RYA Training Centre Outsourcing Program

Are You an RYA Instructor? Need A Practical RYA Centre For Your Students?



RYA Training Centre Outsourcing from ScotSail® is a service we provide to independent RYA Instructors, and other RYA Recognised Teaching Establishments, to allow you access to all our facilities, yachts and powerboats, staff and administrative services for your own students - basically like having your own fully-functioning RYA Centre without any of the costs or management burdens.


In addition, you do not have to 'bareboat charter' a yacht or powerboat, and be responsible for any damage or loss, and unlike a bareboat charter we don't ask you to pay any security deposit.  We take the risks for any significant loss, damage or injury to you, the vessel or the students, under our own vessel, public and employers liability insurance arrangements.


You bring your own students, and retain 'customer ownership' for future marketing opportunities.   We will supply the RYA Recognition, yachts or powerboats, classroom facilties, centre public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, and administrative and payment facilities, invoicing, VAT & tax management - you simply turn up and teach - we will deal with the rest.    Your customers will book with ScotSail® directly as per RYA Regulations.


We will contract your services for the duration and pay you the agreed fee by bank transfer immediately after the course.



This facility is best suited to independent RYA Instructors or other RYA Training Centres that want to bring their own customers - perhaps from your own shorebased theory students, or existing customers.


We also offer the service to other established RYA Training Centres who wish to add an extra 'base' to their standard offering - maybe you run an RYA Training Centre in England and Wales or elsewhere, but want to offer an annual venue in Scotland?


There are also other opportunities available to RYA Instructors who wish to bring their own clients - you may want to request that we offer you other RYA Training Work with the centre on an 'ad-hoc' or even more regular basis with our own students - we're always on the look-out for new talent - you don't always have to bring your own students to work with us.


We provide:

Fully RYA / MCA Coded & Inspected Sailing Yachts & PowerBoats
Two-Level RYA Training Centre & Offices - Open 7 Days.
0845 Telephone and Online Customer Support 9am-9pm / 7 Days, staffed By RYA Instructors - not untrained receptionists.
Two Shorebased Classrooms + VHF, Diesel Engine & Radar
Full Weather, Tides & Crew Briefing / Debriefing Facilities.
Waterproofs Hire - Sizes from XXS - XXXL (See ScotSail® Rates)
Free Wifi, PC-use, Printing and Photocopying at ScotSail®
RYA Recognition, Public & Employers Liability Insurance, Invoicing, Online Payments, PCI DSS Compliance, Data-Protection Registration Etc.
RYA Training Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Risk-Assessments and Other RYA Recognition Requirements
Three Bars / Restaurants, Shop, Marine Chandlers and On-Site Engineers, with company-owned Maintenance Portacabins.
Award-Winning Toilets, Showers and FREE 24hr-Secure Parking with CCTV and Manned Security Patrols.



When you contact us to arrange a RYA Training Course for your own students, your customers will book directly with us, and their payments are held in our own Legally Separate Client-Money Refundable Holding Account until after the service is delivered (read more).


However, as you retain final customer ownership, we want to provide the best possible service to our trainees - we can stock your literature at our offices, on-board the training yachts or powerboats, and even send out our confirmation e-mails co-branded with your company name or logo, alongside our own e.g. "XYZ Sailing School in Association with ScotSail®". It must be clear, however, that the customers are booking with ScotSail® directly and are subject to our terms and conditions.


We also provide e-mail and SMS-text follow-up facilities to re-sell your own courses to your previous customers.


We can also create a free dedicated landing page hosted on our website (if you want it), co-branded with your own logos, course details and other information, e.g. www.ScotSail.co.uk/XYZSailingSchool - this means that you can link directly to this from your own website.


We provide free web-pages, graphics, logos and technical implementation to any RYA Recognised Training Centre or RYA Instructor with a personal website who requests it. (subject to terms and conditions).


RYA Instructor? Run a Training Centre? Want a Free Website Designed Professionally By A Web-Designer AND RYA Instructor?   Just ask - we scratch-design websites - NOT 'free templates' - all we ask is that we integrate our RYA Training Services in Scotland into your website, alongside your own services

(e.g. your shorebased theory classes).  Contact Us >


Want FREE posters, brochures, leaflets, brochure-holders etc?    We provide free ScotSail® marketing materials to RYA Instructors and RYA Training Centres who want to offer Scotland as a sailing base to their own customers.


We ask all our customers where the heard about us, so we can track where RYA Students are coming from - we can even provide you with free e-mailed end-of-year reports to see who has come to ScotSail® as a result of your recommendations, or through collecting a brochure at your centre.


We can provide you with an 'Instructor I.D.', affixed to brochures so that customers can enter this on our websites or tell our staff on the 'phone also - and get up to £5.00 off for doing so.



There are no additional charges, fees or contracts for this service - you bring us customers - you teach them - you get paid by Bank Transfer on the Wednesday after the courses finishes.


Students will book and pay ScotSail® like any other customer, and pay the same prices - we will deal with all admin, invoicing, booking forms, enquiries and customer-care, payments and other requirements.


You either collect the customers / group details and pass on to us to contact the customers to finalise the booking details, or they can contact us directly and we will arrange the individual bookings into a single group, under your instruction.


  ...you focus on the sailing - we'll deal with the hassle. You get to impress your students with your modern and well-run Scottish RYA base - and you get paid...

Full Booking Confirmation Details and Joining Instructions are sent by e-mail and / or Royal Mail (1st Class), and payments can be made securely online, by cheque, cash, bank transfer or RYA vouchers (read more about payments).


A typical ScotSail® 5-Day Training Course for either RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or EMB (Experience MileBuilder) is £415.00pp inc VAT.    This price includes 5 Days / Nights Full Board (Mon-Fri) with Check-In / Arrival on Sundays at 1800hrs.    RYA Instructors and students stay with us from the time they arrive, and spend 5 nights on-board, in cabins, before returning to the centre on Friday at around 1500hrs.


RYA Courses of custom duration / dates can also be arranged upon request.


The standard price of £415.00pp for 5 Days/Nights is Discounted to £394.00pp in the case of bookings of 2 or more persons.  Therefore a full yacht (PYG - Private Yacht Group) is £1970.00 for 5 Persons, 5 Days / Nights, Full Board (Any RYA Sail Cruising Course Type).   A full course is made up of 5 paying students.


Included in the price is 5 Days/Nights RYA Tuition on-board, all diesel-fuel & domestic gas, all on-board snacks, meals, drinks etc, all safety equipment and free marina berthing at Largs and Troon Yacht Havens.  RYA Certification to RYA Competent Crew level is included - those that pass RYA Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper courses have the option to receive the new-style RYA Certification at £5.00 Each.    They will require a passport-sized photograph.


Click Here To View Details of our RYA Sail and Power Training Boats in Largs Yacht Haven, Glasgow, Scotland


The cost of any meals ashore or travel to other islands / marinas / ports etc are shared by the students, according to our Voluntary Student Fund Guidelines.


Student Registration to the RYA Database, and signing, stamping and photo-sealing of RYA Certificates will be taken care of for you during the course whilst you are away, so that RYA Certification can be issued quickly upon your return to the centre for de-briefing.


It is a condition of our centre that ALL RYA Instructors maintain daily contact, and discuss their plans with us - even if it is just a quick text-message to say "all is ok" or "likely to have 3 passing Day Skippers on return" etc.    This is for your own safety and ours - we have extensive support resources at ScotSail® to provide practical assistance to you should you find yourself in difficulty at sea, in a marina or elsewhere - we never expect you to try to deal with a significant technical or student-welfare situation on your own.


Once you return, students will be asked to complete our Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) form, where they also indicate what further training they may wish to undertake - you may retain this information for your future sales efforts.



ScotSail® will contract your services as RYA Instructor, and provide everything else to allow you to deliver the RYA Training Course or Experience.    The rates for the Independent Instructor Payment are set out in our annual rates-of-pay bands, details of which are not published online, but are available upon request. 


Independent Instructors or Third-Party Recognised Training Centres that use the service regularly may be offered preferential rates, by negotiation.


We will ask you to provide an invoice or fee-note with your chosen bank details upon your return, which will be paid by electronic funds transfer on the Wednesday after the course returns - sometimes this is sooner however (24hrs is not uncommon).


As a contractor you are responsible for your own tax / national insurance etc, and we do not require your National Insurance Number.    If you are a company, or VAT-Registered you can also give us a VAT-invoice.


We guarantee that you will never have to wait "months for payment" as we have so often heard RYA Instructors complain about other schools - our Financial Protection System means that the customers' money is held static in a separate Holding Account until after the course is completed.


Once the course finishes, the money is transferred into our main operating accounts, and disseminated immediately (e.g. boat costs, instructor fee, VAT/Tax account Etc).



We don't expect you to simply turn up an start sailing the yacht.  You need to be familiar with our yachts or powerboats, RYA Training Centre procedures, Training Manual, Standard Operating Procedures and Risk-Assessments.


It  might seem a lot, but we consider our Standards of Safety and Care to be the most important aspect of our business.    We can e-mail these documents to you once you have agreed to our Internal Document Confidentiality Policy (IDCP).


We need to meet you, either in person or through telephone contact - you will likely know people that we know too, either other RYA Instructors, Centre Principals or those at RYA National Level.


We're not a faceless big-company run by accountants and, although we have become one of the largest privately-owned RYA Training Centres in Scotland, we are actually still a small family-run organisation, with real people to meet and speak to.


It's not just about us getting to know you - you have to trust us and know more about our operation also, and be comfortable taking charge of RYA Students on one of our yachts, and operating with our centre Standard Operating Procedures.


We offer a full pre-course briefing, centre familiarisation and RYA Training Vessel handover, check-list and familiarisation - along with local knowledge tips and ideas for exercise areas, if you feel you need this.


You are not alone at ScotSail® and you will have the full support of the centre and it's resources and staff behind you - we can even help you to make course lesson-plans.    If you're a more experienced RYA Instructor, or you know the area well then this may not be necessary.

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Video: Typical ScotSail® Sailing Course


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Video: Interviews With Actual Day Skippers


Learn to sail in scotland and achieve RYA Day Skipper Level!


RYA Sailing Schools Scotland for Day Skipper Course



RYA Day Skipper Practical Sailing Course in Scotland, Largs Yacht Haven, Firth of Clyde, Glasgow, West Coast, Oban, Dunstaffnage, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth


Sailing lessons, day skipper, certificate, yacht master, day skipper, competent crew, start yachting, coastal skipper, navigation, practical sailing, learn, icc, lessons, glasgow, scotland, clyde, firth, arran, sea


New Photo-ID Licence-Style

Certification Provided by ScotSail®


RYA Day Skipper Practical Sailing Course in Scotland, Largs Yacht Haven, Firth of Clyde, Glasgow, West Coast, Oban, Dunstaffnage, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth


RYA Sailing Schools Scotland for Day Skipper Course


Learn to sail in scotland and achieve RYA Day Skipper Level!


Sailing lessons, day skipper, certificate, yacht master, day skipper, competent crew, start yachting, coastal skipper, navigation, practical sailing, learn, icc, lessons, glasgow, scotland, clyde, firth, arran, sea


Have A Group / Family of 5? Book a PYG Private Yacht Group for just £1970.00 and get the entire yacht for your private use:


5 Persons
5 Days & 5 Nights
Full Board
RYA Tuition
All Safety Equipment
Mix Course Types




You Need (for Sail Cruising):

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore with Valid Commercial Endorsement

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Cruising or Offshore Instructor Endorsement

RYA or Other Accepted First Aid + Cat. C Drugs Endorsement

Basic Sea Survival / PST Certificate

PPR Cert (When Applicable)

ML5 / ENG1 Medical

VHF Radio Licence

Logbooks + References


You Need (for PowerBoating):

RYA/MCA PowerBoat Level 2 or Advanced CoC

with Valid Commercial Endorsement

RYA/MCA PBL2 or Advanced Instructor Endorsement

RYA or Other Accepted First Aid + Cat. C Drugs Endorsement

Basic Sea Survival / PST Certificate

PPR Cert (When Applicable)

ML5 / ENG1 Medical

VHF Radio Licence

Logbooks + References


Call us on 0845 834 0335, or Contact Us Online



*Please note this service is not available to recently qualfied RYA Instructors.   For RYA Sail Cruising, you need to be an RYA Cruising or Yachtmaster Offshore Sailing Instructor with at least 5 x RYA Courses logged within the last 24 months, and be able to provide two independent references from a suitable person (e.g. other RYA Centre Principal / Employer etc).    For RYA PowerBoating or Shorebased Theory / Specialist Short Courses you also need to be able to provide evidence of recent RYA Training Courses delivered.



  ..if you're interested in sailing and teaching in interesting and varied waters, with a professional organisation to back you up, we look forward to hearing from you...


Stephen Kerr, RYA Yachtmaster Principal ScotSail Training Centre, Largs Yacht Haven, Firth of Clyde, Scotland

Stephen Kerr, ScotSail® Principal


RYA Sailing Courses in Scotland Videos

Welcome to ScotSail® Sailing...
5 Days/Nights Full Board RYA Sailing from £394pp!

Only £99 Deposit to Secure a Space, With Balances Due 28-Days Prior to Sailing.

It's Just £99 Deposit to reserve a place on any 5 Days/Nights RYA Day Skipper Sailing Course with ScotSail® - it's 5 Nights / Full Board (Mon-Fri) inc RYA Tuition, Certification, All Safety Equipment, 5 Days 24hr Secure Parking at our dedicted Largs Yacht Haven centre - and you can choose any RYA sailing course from Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster® Prep.

Our multiple modern cruising yachts depart every Sunday at 1800hrs, with our experienced RYA Yachtmaster® Instructors and up to five people (individuals, couples & families), on-board.

Each night is spent at a different island / marina, before returning on Friday for about 1500hrs.


Sailing Announcements



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Calls cost 4p/min from UK landlines (01/02).

Mobile operators may charge more.